Custom Car Memorabilia


As car enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time and money on our labor of love. We take pride in our car related accomplishments – everything from successfully installing new parts to winning an award at a show to even the simple joy of gazing at the latest wax and polish job. These are the things those who are not car enthusiasts don’t understand.

Splitzero Designs provides a unique means of displaying your passion in a way that other people can understand. I can design custom posters that go beyond just a simple picture of your car – my designs revolve around pictures of your car but add much more to create context. Custom artwork will include things like invoices, manufacturer advertisements, stylized photographs, and a special attention to color that will highlight your car.

These posters can be delivered in high-quality prints or as digital assets you can use to share on social media. Prints can be tailored to your size or you can select one of many standards available, while the digital version will come in various sizes for your use as computer desktop and mobile device wallpapers, sharing on sites like Facebook and Instagram, or printing on a smaller scale from your home printer.

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